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Born on the Gulf Coast in southern Mississippi, Vladimir Mavar developed an interest in science and literature early on, later studying business and literature abroad for several years while in the former Yugoslav republic of Croatia, now the Republic of Croatia. While his life has been turbulent at times, he continues to pursue his studies in business, having earned both an undergraduate and graduate level education while living in New Orleans. He is a part-time translator of Croatian & English, as well as an amateur musician. He has always had an avid interest in biology, physics, sociology, and history, as well as a keen interest in contemporary science fiction, including themes related to time travel, multi-dimensional travel, parallel universes, space operas, futuristic societies, apocalyptic and doomsday fiction, as well as modern romance. His debut novel is based in part on a story of personal loss, tragedy, as well as resilience and hope for the future. He lives in Biloxi, Mississippi with his dog Jane and enjoys the opportunity to entertain and express himself in novel ways. He is regularly available for book signings and poetry readings.

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