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We’re all in this together, whether we like it or not.  Our future survival truly depends on it.  Our past beckons to us like an ancient light house. Alen Marinkovic is a new hire at EGSI Super Atom Smasher who, as a technician, has access to much of the equipment at the world's largest particle accelerator; he subsequently devises a plan to travel back in time using a method of time travel based on virtual genomics and the human genome. His goal is to change history for the better and to record his findings authentically. He is successful but almost doesn't conduct the experiment because of a distraction at the last minute by another new hire, a scientist by the name of Petra Stravinova. Together, after his timed experiment is completed, along with a fellow colleague, they attempt to create a complex network of past events, interactions and details with the intention of creating a virtual historical grid that would exist in a parallel sense with nature and eventually encompass all existing human (and other natural) histories. In this way, they enable living and future descendants the opportunity to experience vicariously what it is like to be "anybody" else, as well as a set of methodologies that would allow for the verification of any and all existing facts, all in an existential virtual reality. In a surprising twist of fate, they discover profound insights, using the process to uncover information that is hidden and would otherwise be unknown to anybody with the exception of those that they visit; they essentially lead their lives according to their chosen professions, trying to survive global warfare, life-threatening asteroids, pandemics, and the negative consequences of virtual genomics, the basis of this network of everything. Through a series of events that move the reader beyond this realm into a future society based on global equality, the characters provide a gripping, touching, swashbuckling and intimate story about the ubiquity of science in its vast reaches, including a story of love and a survival of tragedy.

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